Biography of Deborah Cort

Deborah Cort was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. She was raised Catholic and had a strong faith in God. Most of her childhood revolved around being involved with competitive sports and her small family unit. Deborah has one sister who is 8 years younger than her. At the age of thirty, while pregnant with her first child she lost her mom, who was 48 years old, to breast cancer. This was an emotionally devastating time in Deborah's life. During this time, there was a loss of joy, hope and faith and love. Even though she had a young daughter to love on she still struggled with understanding why the Lord would take her mom at such a young age. Deborah is a Masters prepared nurse with over 25 years of hospital leadership experience. She has been part of hospital organizations in Chicago, Tampa and Orlando Florida. Deborah is known for her ability to motivate teams and for being a change agent.