Biography of Sean Cort

Sean Cort is an award winning veteran with over 25 years of New York market radio, television, advertising and marketing experience. His passion is sowing vision and purpose into each life he touches and as a result he has positively impacted every medium for communication today. Sean's multi-industry repertoire include titles as promoter, producer, writer and director for venues such as Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Carnegie Hall, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, Avery Fisher Hall, The Meadowlands Arena and Central Park. Sean's theatrical resume encompasses voice over work and acting for Broadway, radio, television and film.

In the area of on air talent, Sean has reported, written, produced and hosted programming for AM, FM talk and music shows in Chicago, New York City and Orlando for entities such as PBS, NBC, TBN, Gospel Today's magazine and Under his mantle of consultant, Sean has established Florida Hospital's national media platform for Discovery Health and MSNBC.

Sean Cort is also a former consultant with the Disney Institute. In this capacity, Sean taught the Disney methodology of success to an exclusive Fortune 100 clientele. His years in senior management with this entertainment icon postured his current role teaching churches, businesses and various non-profit organizations the forgotten art of exemplary customer service through expectations management.

Sean's philosophy toward leadership, brand management and church membership is, "If you make people feel special by paying attention to their details and you master the art of expectations management, you will overcome a multitude of imperfections". Through the Power of Perspective Workshop Series, Sean teaches a wide array of topics ranging from, How to Adapt and Lead a Diverse Cultural Mix, How Churches Can Refine Their Brand Marketing of Jesus, How to Break Generational Curses by Changing the Way You Think, How to Build Intimacy with God and How to Handle Change.

Sean is a Masters trained and ordained Elder and motivational speaker who has addressed audiences as large as 75,000 people. Sean's devotion to the church body drives him to enlighten the ecumenical community on performing with a spirit of excellence and faithfulness consistently. His genuine transparency and quick witted humor captivates his audience as his Broadway like stage presence drives his message home every time. Sean is President and Founder of The Healing, a health based initiative designed to increase health literacy for women and the lives they touch. Through this company, Sean actively consults physician groups and pharmaceutical companies in areas of patient education, strategic planning and media production.

Sean is the author of, The Power of Perspective (TPOP). TPOP promises to help you become as intimate with God as you are with your own thoughts. Our thoughts are the nucleus from where our words, actions and character generate. These characteristics determine your destiny. The included workbook will help you reconcile your past, chart your future and relate to the lives around you despite your current state of mind. Through the actual prayers, affirmations and scriptural references in this book, you will gain insight on how to develop a new perspective on all aspects of your life and the situations that govern them.

This new perspective will then change how you process the world around you and in turn will change your words your actions, your habits, your character and your destiny. Sean continues to enjoy teaching his audiences on the many advantages of a holistic approach to the care of one's mind, body and soul.

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