Biography of Chanel Lobdell

Chanel Lobdell wrote this book in 10th grade for an assignment in her English honors class with the encouragement of her teacher Mrs. Marvich. The project was to write a fable using two random animals and one random object. Chanel decided to expand on the project and decided to have her book published.

Chanel has been very active in various activities throughout her life. She has danced since the age of two and now runs cross country and plays lacrosse. Chanel is also is actively involved in her school student government where she is the president elect. She is also involved in DECA, a marketing club at her high school. Chanel is an honors student who works hard at maintaining balance in her life. Chanel lives her life with high standards for herself and follows good Christian morals. Chanel believes that living good morals and Godly charter helps kids to become the best they can be. This is the major reason she wanted to get this book published.