Biography of David Macmillan

Terrorists Behind the Badge reads like a story of the fate of a political activist in a third-world communist country in the 40's. If you were to journey through history and visit the lives of political agitators, Jews in the Holocaust and blacks during the oppression of Jim Crow laws, you will hear of the atrocities waged on private citizens as retaliation from their local military or dictatorship because of their religion, nationality or political affiliation.These people were kidnapped, tortured and even killed on the premise of what was deemed the deviancy of the day. In the Third-World sector of the 21st Century we hear what the news allows us to absorb of similar stories that still happen to nameless and faceless men, women and children of God waged by what we now term as terrorists.

Terrorists Behind the Badge is a true story of what happened to an American Caucasian man in the year 2004 in the United States of America in a small town in Central Florida at the hands of his local law enforcement agency. One summer evening after coming home from work, David MacMillan's house was descended upon by teams of police officers reminiscent of a SWAT raid on a high profile drug bust. He was tased through his window multiple times, beaten, house ransacked, false evidenced planted and nearly murdered for the sake of sport and jealousy.He wasn't supposed to live and have the presence of mind to tell his story. He was a successful business owner and body builder who was liked and well-respected, but for a few with the the hubris to take that all from him using the authority of a badge and a gun.

That night, David MacMillan lost everything he worked for from the age of 15 to build, including his sense of security, peace of mind and every civil right afforded him by the United States Constitution. Eleven years later, he was not found guilty of any crime and is permanently disfigured and in chronic pain due to his denial of urgent medical care and surgery while incarcerated. This 8 1/2 X 11 sized format includes all pertinent, police, court and medical documents to support his claims of this blatant miscarriage of justice and recreational police over-reach of authority that has plagued this country.This subject has been widely covered in the media as it relates to men of color;this riveting story chronicles the life of an American middle-class white male achieving the American Dream that was turned into a nightmare in one night.