Biography of Belinda E. Oliver

Belinda Esther Oliver, or as she is affectionately called "Bee" or "Queen Bee," is a visionary administrator, who is often asked to sit on community boards to share a fresh perspective on daily administrative problems.

She is the president of Jireh's Promise, a non-profit organization focused on community responsibility, economic and community development, holistic health care and preventive services. Jireh's Promise incorporates a spiritual component to a humanistic curriculum, demonstrating the compassion of Christ through service to local communities. Belinda has a vision to take this grass-roots concept throughout the United States.

Belinda is a fourth-generation, "preacher's kid," who grew up using her talents in many areas of ministry. She has held positions as an altar worker, Sunday School teacher, worship leader, choir member, secretary, chief-of staff/assistant to state presidents', van driver, computer technician, and newsletter editor. Last, but definitely not least, Bee is a Worshiper and equates her relationship with God to breathing; she would cease to exist without His presence in her life.

Belinda's ability to see visionary components in the lives of others allows her to share information to assist in a life change. She loves to help people and realizes ‘assisting' is her passion. Belinda has mentored and counseled many over the years and is ecstatic when one who she has assisted comes back to share good news.

Belinda believes in healthy marriages and often you might find her having a conversation with some of the men in helping them to understand their wives. Her goal is to make sure they are aware that they have a responsibility to love their wives as Christ loves His people. On the other hand, she instructs wives to unselfishly love their husbands and that submission truly holds power. It is quite clear that her coaching is never gender-biased. Belinda is quite aware that freedom often begins in the mind first and that the cognitive thought process plays a significant role in societal struggles. She is in the process of completing her B.S. in Psychology to further increase her skill and understanding.

Belinda has many books forthcoming that deal with practical daily living and healthy relationships. She uses, "Teaching Lessons…Defining Moments™," as a tool to give readers insight into, and clarity about, various situations in their lives from a Godly perspective. It is with understanding that each test and trial she now goes through is another "chapter” for one of her various books. Belinda says, "The only limitations you will encounter are the ones you put on yourself.” She firmly believes one must make an effort to change and be an active participant in the process.

Belinda is all about change for herself and her community.

Belinda stands in the role of a mother and supporter to three young men and a daughter-in-law, Scott, a culinary chef, who graduated from Johnson & Wales University (2012); Joshua (Tiara) and Josiah. Belinda is a contributor to online magazines, websites and local newspapers.

You can contact Belinda at: