Biography of Isabella Morgia di Vicari

Isabella Morgia di Vicari is first generation American born of Italian decent, with a large Italian famiglia from Calabria and Trieste Italia. Growing up in Orlando, Florida and, raised in her famiglia's restaurant businesses has taught Isabella many life lessons including the wonderful culture of food.

Isabella's true teacher was her Nonna Isabella, her namesake, who lived with their famiglia her entire life. It was in her cucina, with Nonna's influence that she lived and breathed all the wonderful Italian traditions that she embraces and shares today. Isabella's invaluable training came the "old fashion way", in the famiglia's kitchen and in the many successful restaurants they owned and operated.

Those traditions bring the Morgia di Vicari famiglia back to the table where it all happens for them. It is Isabella's heart's desire to "Bring the Famiglia Back to their Table" and back to their roots and traditions. Isabella has recorded several cooking segments on local television and has appeared on several PBS stations all in the hopes of having her own television show one day. Her first book "What Can I Bring" comes out in October, 2011.