Biography of Theresa Wolmart

Theresa Wolmart is a wife, mother, grandmother and a recently retired office manager from her 20-year career in the printing industry. Over her 35 years as a Christian, she has served in various ministries, including playing keyboard for the music department, women's ministry functions, Christian education and prophetic writing for a monthly church newsletter. Theresa says she has always sensed the mantle and anointing to be a writer. Recently, she felt that gift stir again, which has led her to becoming a published author. Obeying the inspiration from God, Theresa says she is writing about the burden she carries for the Church: that many souls will come to realize they can hear God for themselves because His sheep hear His voice. In A Match Made In Heaven. Theresa shares both the burden and revelation she has acquired from learning to listen to His still small voice. She endeavors to do so by sharing both the serious and lighthearted moments that she has experienced in her relationship with Christ. Knowing that God has led her to make her love story public, she is certain readers will be blessed.