Biography of Palmyra

I am just a 75 year old Brooklyn woman of Italian descent. As they say, "you can take the girl out of Brooklyn, but you canât take the Brooklyn out of the girl".
Some portions of my life are written down for the record so that my grandchildren could get a sense of who I am. (family version)
I was 11 months old when Pearl Harbor was attacked and very happy I was too young to understand the repercussions of war. All I remember is hiding under my desk in air raid drills, a false sense of security.
Memories of a truck rumbling down the street carrying a huge ride that swung back and forth for a dime with only a bar across our little laps to hold us in.
Remembering that aroma emanating from momâs kitchen every Sunday, wearing her full apron cooking the best meatballs and gravy on the block (today known as sauce).
Sitting on the fire escape to avoid the steamy nights seeing the fireworks from Coney Island after watching Milton Berle every Tuesday.
Fun playing on the sidewalks with no fear of predators, playing potsy, stoop ball and hide and go seek only to mention a few games.
I graduated from Bay Ridge High and after graduation worked at the Brooklyn Veterans Hospital as a Ward Secretary. Twice married and children later, I worked as an Executive Assistant for 22 years where I had the greatest streetwise education and experiences in my life.
Volunteering for various charities, singing on stage, gifts of psychic abilities, reading books on the afterlife were my outside interests. (and letâs not forget red wine)
This book is a guide for survival. The chapters include stories of growth through accomplishments made with a fearless, positive attitude. Hopefully, my little book will make you laugh. Enjoy!